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Wednesdays : OPEN MIC COMEDY. Always Free Always Fun

If you bring a date make sure to ask for seperate czechs.

Doors at 7pm


Come to my fucking metal bingo game you mouth-breathing rectal spasms. we're starting at 8pm and finishing whenever the fuck we want because we're fucking badasses who do what we want. it doesn't cost anything, which is good because you're poor, and you might win some garbage that you'll probably love.


-Ian Sharp










Friday December 4th

8pm Comedy Show with Jackie Kashian

Bohannons, Elkmilk, Chilhowie Royal


Saturday December 5th

Diamond Rugs, Satin Pe, T Hardy Morris, Folk Killer, Justin and the Cosmics


Tuesday December 8th

Continuum, Blake Hise, Sullivan


Wendesday December 9th

Pujol, Sunsap, Deacons


Thursday December 10th

Brave Baby, Daddy Issues, CR


Friday December 11th

How I Became the Bomb, SOCRO


Saturday December 12th

Steadfast Soul, Shabti, Courtney Holder


Sunday December 13th

Lovedrug, Side Effects, Kerchief


Thursday December 17th

Megan Jean and the KFB, Iron Fez


Friday December 18th

Capsized, Red Necklace, Hatestomp, Woglemut, Subterranean Cirquis


Saturday December 19th

James Legg (Record Release Show), Hans Candor


Sunday December 20th

Danny Fingers and Thumbs


Tuesday December 22nd

Comedy Buffet


Wednesday January 6th



Thursday January 7th



Friday January 8th

Al Scorch


Saturday January 9th

Lee Bains and the Gloryfires


Friday January 15th

Those Darlins


Sunday January 17th

TORCHE, Day Old Man, Jeff Carney


Tuesday January 19th

Cautious Beverly, Pumpkin Seeds, Pop Weirdos


Friday January 22nd

Danimal Planet, Tree Tops


Sunday January 24th

Death of Kings




(All Shows 21+)