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Tuesday May 12th

Company to Keep, Bandit, Author, icanjapan



Wednesday May 13th

Amthyst Kiah, Bootleg Brothers, Duke Luke


Thursday May 14th

Waterfall Wash, Body of Light, Cautious Beverly, Tab Spencer


Friday May 15th

Full Moon Crazies, River city Hustlers, Crass Mammoth, 



Saturday May 16th

Behold the Brave, Mad Libre, Swoon



Sunday May 17th



Tuesday May 19th

Stephen Lee, Endelouz, Nick Shanahan



Wednesday May 20th

Adam Faucett and the Tall Grass, General Dollars



Thursday May 21st

Repeat Repeat, Chief Scout



Saturday May 23rd

Dreamers, Gringo Star


Sunday May 24th

Bill Fox, Mythical Motors, Big Kitty, Forgotten Soul of Aniquity


Tuesday May 26th

Comedy Buffet and Johnny Food Stamp



Wednesday May 27th

Skinwalker, Wake, Primitive Man, Red Necklace


Thursday May 28th

Al Scorch, Matt and Marty Bohannon


Friday May 29th

Comedian Sean Patton



Saturday May 30th

Life and Times, 



Tuesday June 2nd

Soddy Daisy, Swoon, Wall of Ears


Wednesday June 10th

Cusses, Behold the Brave



Friday June 12th

Desert Noises, Penicilin Baby



Friday June 19th

Turbo Fruits



Saturday June 20th

Dead Deads, True Violet




Tuesday June 23rd

Frontier Folk Nebraska, 



Saturday June 27th

Ben Nichols (Lucero), James Legg









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