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Thursday October 2nd

Megan Jean and the KFB, Amethyst Kiah


Friday October 3rd

Machines are People Too, The Pass


Saturday October 4th

Rent Boys, Jack Trippers, Folk Killer


Sunday October 5th

Comedy Buffet w. Billy Wayne Davis


Thursday October 9th

Hatestomp, Red Necklace, Coathanger Abortion, Dead Justice


Saturday October 11th

How I Became the Bomb


Sunday October 12th

Jess Goggins Band, Major and the Moonbacks


Tuesday October 14th

Concord America, Turf War, Gold Plated Gold


Wednesday October 15th

Tir Asleen, SWOON, Friendship Commanders


Thursday October 16th

Joe Buck Yourself, Viva Le Vox, GHoGH


Friday October 17th

Jasmine Kaset, tba


Saturday October 18th

GROOVE's B-Day Party


Tuesday October 21st

Comedy Buffet w/ Dave Stone


Wednesday October 22nd

Keys n Krates AFTERPARTY


Thursday October 23rd

John Wayne and the Pain


Saturday October 24th

Turquoise Jeep , Yip Deceiver


Saturday October 25th

JJ's 8 Year Anniversary Party


Wednesday October 29th



Saturday November 1st

Nude Beach


Thursday November 6th

Daniel Ellsworth andn the Great Lakes 

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