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Friday October 24th

Turquoise Jeep , Yip Deceiver


Saturday October 25th

JJ's 8 Year Anniversary Party with James Legg, FAG, Big Kitty, Behold the Brave

SInce Casettes


Sunday October 26th

The Dead Deads, SEXX


Tuesday October 29th

Abdu Ali, Schwarz Kilborne,  Stratton Tingle


Wednesday October 29th

STS9 AFTERPARTY with Iscariots


Thursday October 30th

Pack of Wolves, Medicine Tree, ET


Friday October 31st

HALLOWEEN SHOW with Bohannons, Thee Finks, Red Necklace


Saturday November 1st

Nude Beach, Future Virgins, Divorce Horse, FAG


Tuesday November 4th

Comedy with Ryan Singer


Wednesday November 5th

Brief Lives, Sickness in the System,  


Thursday November 6th

Daniel Ellsworth andthe Great Lakes, Black Cadillacs


Friday November 7th

Memphis Dawls, Amythyst Kiah, Steadfast Soul, Rye Baby


Saturday November 8th

Lord T & Eloise


Sunday November 9th

Vena Cava, Faxery, tba


Tuesday November 11th

The Life and Times, tba


Wednesday November 12th



Thursday November 13th



Friday November 14th

New Planet 


Saturday November 15th

Glowing Bordis, Marinia Orchestra, Jordan Hallquist 


Sunday November 16th

Savage Master (Louisville, KY members of the HOOKERS)  Mudsex


Tuesday November 18th

Frenchy and the Punk 


Friday November 21st

Daikaiju, Baby Baby


Saturday November 22nd

Diarrhea Planet, Lee Bains and the Glory Fires, Bohannons, Bad Scout





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