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Wednesdays : OPEN MIC COMEDY. Always Free Always Fun

If you bring a date make sure to ask for seperate czechs.

Doors at 7pm


Come to my fucking metal bingo game you mouth-breathing rectal spasms. we're starting at 8pm and finishing whenever the fuck we want because we're fucking badasses who do what we want. it doesn't cost anything, which is good because you're poor, and you might win some garbage that you'll probably love.


-Ian Sharp










Monday September 28th

Sonny Vincent, One Timers, Zin Vetro


Tuesday September 29th

Altercation Punk Comedy Tour


Wednesday September 30th

The Skulx, Kerchief


Thursday October 1st

New Planet, Liferoot


Friday October 2nd

Green Jello, Hatestomp, Mudsex


Saturday October 3rd

Roast of Nate


Sunday October 4th

Folk Killer, Mumzees


Monday October 5th



Tuesday October 6th

Okinawa, Mike Coykendall


Wednesday October 7th

Chrome Pony, Left and Right


Thursday October 8th

Bohannons, Telegraph Canyon


Friday October 9th

Paleface, Butch Ross, Slim Pickins


Saturday October 10th

Fly Golden Eagle, Clear Plastic Masks, General Dollars


Tuesday October 13th

Ringo Deathstar, Mad Libre


Wednesday October 14th

Holly Golightly, Crass Mammoth


Thursday October 15th



Friday October 16th



Saturday October 17th



Sunday October 18th

Chilhowie Royal, Crumbsnatchers


Tuesday October 20th

Comedy Buffet w/ Caleb Syran


Friday & Saturday October 23rd, 24th

JJ's 9 Year Anniversary Party: Pujol, Behold the Brave, The Dead Deads


Monday October 25th

Tessla Rossa, Kip Bradley, Side Effects


Thursday October 29th

Low Cut Connie


Friday October 30th

Baby Baby, How I Became the Bomb, Scenic


Sunday November 1st

Great Barrier Reefs


Friday November 6th

Basement Benders, Bohannons, Folk Killer


Saturday November 7th

Sirens, Naming Nations, The Fine Constant, Heartfelt, Carcosa


Sunday November 8th

Teaspoon Sun


Wednesday November 11th

Natural Child, Ian St Pe (Former Black Lips) 


Saturday November 14th

The Features


Tuesday November 17th

Comedy Buffet with Shane Mauss


Saturday November 20th



Wednesday November 25th

Stone Jack Jones, Idle Bloom


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