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(All Shows 21+)






Tuesday February 17th

Underwear Comedy Show, Dasik After Party


Wednesday February 18th

Jess Goggen and Friends


Thursday February 19th

Folk Killer, Sof Srv, Swoon


Friday February 20th

BIG KITTY, Banditos, Desolendes


Saturday February 21st

Kerchief, The Giant and the Taylor, Fort Bliss


Wednesday February 25th

Seizer, Scenic, Tomatoface, Nosecone Prophets


Thurday February 26th

Rims and Keys, New Planet


Friday February 27th

Bobby Bare Jr, Bad Scout, General Dollars


Saturday February 28th

SOCRO, Kindora, Rock, Lil IFFy


Tuesday March 3rd

KOZA, Ten Foot Beast, Baphomet


Wedneday March 4th

Penicillian Baby, Tab Spencer,  FMC


Thursday March 5th

Diahrrea Planet, Music Band, Mad Libre 


Friday March 6th

Clear Plastic Masks, Behold the Brave, Full Moon Crazies


Saturday March 7th

All Them Witches, Chrome Pony, Monomath


Sunday March 8th

ELEL, Fly Golden Eagle, Avers


Monday March 9th

Lace Curtains, Las Rosas


Tuesday March 10th

Modest Mouse AfterParty


Wednesday March 11th

Swimwear, Methdad, Michael Parallax


Firday March 13th

Roger Alan Wade, MIc Harrison and the High Scores (early show)

Baby Baby, The Average, Scenicc (late show)


Saturday March 14th

Megan Jean and the KFB, Iron Fez


Sunday March 15th

Santah, Gorgeous, Swoon


Thursday March 19th

Left Lane Cruiser, Husky Burnette, Sweet GA Brown


Friday March 20th

Perfect Pussy (Tickets now on Sale) Elkmilk


Tuesday March 24th

Comedy Show w/ Cam O'Conner


Wednesday March 25th

Birdcloud, Hexan Vox


Thursday March 26th

Iscariots, Roots of Rebellion


Friday March 27th

Moustache Friday w/ Glowing Bordis, Nim Nims


Saturday March 28th

BoHannons, Lee Bains and the Gloryfires, Hans Condor


Tuesday March 31st

Peelander Z!!!!!!


Friday April 3rd

The Ataris, Biters, The Tammys, Scenic


Tueday April 7th

Dungeon (Comedy Role Play Show)


Wedneday April 8th



Thursday April 9th

Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen, Blood on the Harp, Rye Baby

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Wednesday is Open Mic Comedy. Always Free Always Fun

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